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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Asian Fundraising Review

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The essential guide to fundraising in Asia

The Asian Fundraising Review is an annual overview of private equity and venture capital fundraising activity in Asia. Providing current and updated statistics and analysis from the Asian Venture Capital Journal's industry-leading research team, the report features insights on fundraising in terms of capital sought and raised, fund sizes, and stage focus. The report is a must-have for all GPs, LPs and other fundraising professionals looking at the Asian private equity market.

Target audience

  • Private equity and venture capital professionals
  • Legal advisers
  • Management consultants
  • Investment bankers
  • Accounting professionals
  • Corporate managers and executives


  • Keeps you in the know with independent, in-depth analysis of private equity and venture capital activity for each region
  • Leading edge commentary from fundraising experts to help you find your business opportunities
  • Helps find all relevant fundraising information in a one-stop environment

Contact details

Research and marketing:
Helen Lee
Tel: +852 3411 4900
Advertising and sponsorship:
Darryl Mag
Tel: +852 3411 4900