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Tuesday, August 30, 2011



Disclaimer- Resilient Entertainment does not claim to be the authority or go to company for all that is business, and or finance as it relates to knowing all the right answers/procedures etc.

We just have an idea with hopes to somehow take the BS out of deal making, and actually have a tad bit of fun in doing so.


We have no objections to suggestions from the professionals out there that are making things happen everyday:) PLEASE FEEL FREE TO POST THEM THANKS.


Are you a REAL Investor?

What Kind?

Do you have in house capital that you can deploy into companies?


Do not lie about anything OK!

Why should an investor invest in your company?

Are you a start up company with start up people?

Are you a start up company with a team of veterans?


  Liken to speed dating as in one or more parties in particular human beings lol.

No nonsense approach.
Right to it.
Brief Description
Basic Information
What Are You Looking to get accomplished.(Get Laid/Short Term Relationship/Friends With Benefits/3somes etc.)

 Our HUMBLE, AND FEABLE MINDED THOUGHTS/idea's about speed deal dating.
                              A startup/entrepreneur etc.

3 chances to express themselves via 3 (140) character tweets. 3 Tweets Folks:)

Somehow you have to figure out how your ES/BP/PPM etc is going to catch the eye of a would be investors within those 3 tweets.

If you like what you see you have 2 text (140) characters to tell the company what are the next steps moving forward, but wait a minute this after you have decided this is a deal you, and you want to put in the pipeline. Of course short description of what is needed by the company.

Next phase:

Due diligence on both ends.(Investor Company)

Each party sends a link via text(Shortened by Bit little etc)

This link will have the details of the investors capability's, and tomb stones(Companies You Have Invested In)

In addition to the full requirements, and information you need from the company.

Company looking for investment will provide a link to all the answer's/ questions/proof etc.

This has to be done in nothing less than a 1/2 hour.

Onlookers if any party is late you are allowed to tweet like crazy as to what you believe is the hold up.

Next Phase After DD.

Investor will have 3 tweets to yeah or nay the deal, and why.

Company will have a chance to say thank you, and ask the few questions that might be able to save the deal if need be(3 tweets)

Next Phase

If the investors believes it is a go then all accounting request etc are then asked for(3 tweet minimum).

Company will have 24 hours to supply the docs.

Next Phase

The offer/term sheet etc as giving by the investor. Main bullet point in 2 tweets. Link to the full documentation(1 tweet.)

Company will have 12 hours to respond, and yeah or nay, and ask to go into the next phase.


Next Phase Negotiations.

Company has 2 tweets for the major bullet points.(1 tweet for a link to full doc.)
Investor has 2 hours to respond.

This phase can be repeated if need be 1x


Next phase
Deal closing date or nay by investors(1tweet) Link to finalizing doc's

Company has 20 minutes to respond that they have received docs, then have 1 hour to endorse.

Next Phase

Investor gives a date when funds are to be deployed into company's account.

Deal Closed Successful date.
Or Investors passed, and why they passed on deal.

Rules For Both Parties, and Onlookers.

Everyone naturally would have to have a Linked In account that is also routed to a account. HERE IS HOW TO LINK THEM-

All links from Investor/Companies will be sent through the attachment on Linked In.

We encourage the world to be interactive with us as we try to make deal making fun/interactive/engaging.


Thank you.

                      WELCOM TO






Saturday, August 27, 2011


Welcome to Eximus Capital

Corporate Development AdvisersManagement Consultants

Our business was established in 1991 by our Managing Director William Brooks who is a Chartered Accountant with long experience in corporate finance, banking and securities businesses.
Our products are advice and professional work which help our clients to achieve their objectives quickly, fluently, confidently and at a reasonable and controllable total cost.
We work on assignments both in the UK and overseas. Our clients are generally medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs with capital employed, or capital required, in the range £5m to £200m (US$7m to US$300m) who are seeking to complete any of the following transactions:
The company has a strong training culture. Most of our staff are engaged on a programme of professional or technical development. From time to time we also accept undergraduates and postgraduates from universities to complete specific work-based projects on a temporary basis.
To contact us, please click here


PitchBook is an independent and impartial research firm dedicated to providing premium data, news and analysis to the private equity industry. As a specialty-focused information resource, PitchBook's core strength is its ability to meticulously collect, organize and analyze hard to find private equity deal data.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality private equity information, with an acute focus on deals and companies. We aim not only to offer market-leading proprietary data, but to also provide tools to help industry professionals find, share and use information to make better decisions.

Why PitchBook?
PitchBook was founded in direct response to a growing market demand for a high quality, comprehensive information product dedicated solely to the private equity industry. The PitchBook Platform was designed to cater specifically to the unique research and workflow needs of this exclusive niche, supporting every stage and aspect of a transaction - from sourcing deals to networking to establishing comparables. And our research follows every deal from initiation to exit, in order to better gauge the true success of an investment.    
Private Equity Platform
Deep and detail-rich data on the entire private equity lifecycle (LP, GP, company investments, service providers and all other parties involved), plus workflow tools to help industry professionals work more efficiently and effectively. And it's all searchable and dynamically linked.

Email Newsletters
Email Newsletters
Insight and analysis on private equity trends, as well as all the latest news on private equity activity including completed deals, funds that recently opened or closed and management changes at portfolio companies and investment firms.

Analysis & Reporting

More ways to manage and analyze data: customize the executive dashboard to monitor activity in your space, benchmark deals using our comparables engine, review detailed reports online or export the data to Excel or use the vCard engine to import contact information directly into your CRM application.

The PitchBook Platform provides a critical information source for due diligence, reporting, news, analysis and business development for private equity transactions. Now it's easy to:
PitchBook serves the full spectrum of professionals associated with the world of private equity, providing critical information for due diligence, reporting, news, analysis and business development. The PitchBook Platform, a comprehensive database of private equity information, answers the research needs of:
    Featured Report
    August 1, 2011
    Information Technology: McGladrey's Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile
    RSM McGladrey has published its Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile for the Information Technology (IT) industry. Powered by PitchBook, the report offers a full representation of U.S. private equity deal activity, exits and performance in the industry with a focus on Q2 2011 trends and data.
    Featured Report
    August 1, 2011
    Business Products and Services: McGladrey's Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile
    RSM McGladrey has published its Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile for the Business Products and Services (B2B) industry. Powered by PitchBook, the report offers a full representation of U.S. private equity deal activity, exits and performance in the industry with a focus on Q2 2011 trends and data.
    Featured Report
    August 1, 2011
    Consumer Products and Services: McGladrey's Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile
    RSM McGladrey has published its Quarterly Private Equity Deal Flow Profile for the Consumer Products and Services (B2C) industry. Powered by PitchBook, the report offers a full representation of U.S. private equity deal activity, exits and performance in the industry with a focus on Q2 2011 trends and data.
    Breakdown Report
    July 18, 2011
    PitchBook's Quarterly Private Equity Trend and Statistics Report
    PitchBook has published its 3Q 2011 Private Equity Breakdown and Presentation Deck. This report and deck were compiled from the PitchBook Platform and cover trends in private equity investment, exits and fundraising, with a focus on activity and trends emerging during the second quarter of 2011.
    Presentation Deck
    July 18, 2011
    PitchBook Publishes PE Presentation Deck 3Q 2011
    PitchBook has published its 3Q 2011 PE Presentation Deck covering U.S. PE activity through the second quarter of 2011. Please feel free to utilize these slides for conferences, board meetings and other PE-related presentations. The slides were all sourced from the PitchBook Platform and cover trends in private equity investment, exits and fundraising.
    Inventory Brief
    July 12, 2011
    PitchBook's U.S. Private Equity Company Inventory Brief
    PitchBook has published its latest data on the U.S. private equity company inventory. The Brief was compiled using data from the PitchBook Platform and covers the number of private equity majority-owned U.S. companies for the last six years and includes a detailed breakdown of the current inventory by year of initial investment. The U.S. Private Equity Company Inventory Brief is available as an Excel file and as a PowerPoint deck to best suit your needs.


Asian Fundraising Review

Screen shot of Asian Fundraising Review website

The essential guide to fundraising in Asia

The Asian Fundraising Review is an annual overview of private equity and venture capital fundraising activity in Asia. Providing current and updated statistics and analysis from the Asian Venture Capital Journal's industry-leading research team, the report features insights on fundraising in terms of capital sought and raised, fund sizes, and stage focus. The report is a must-have for all GPs, LPs and other fundraising professionals looking at the Asian private equity market.

Target audience

  • Private equity and venture capital professionals
  • Legal advisers
  • Management consultants
  • Investment bankers
  • Accounting professionals
  • Corporate managers and executives


  • Keeps you in the know with independent, in-depth analysis of private equity and venture capital activity for each region
  • Leading edge commentary from fundraising experts to help you find your business opportunities
  • Helps find all relevant fundraising information in a one-stop environment

Contact details

Research and marketing:
Helen Lee
Tel: +852 3411 4900
Advertising and sponsorship:
Darryl Mag
Tel: +852 3411 4900


Private Equity

The Private Equity division at Morgan McKinley Singapore sources qualified and experienced professionals for positions across a local and international client base of leading investment banks, boutiques and private equity funds throughout Singapore.

We recruit for roles from Analyst to MD level within the private equity sectors. After detailed consultation with our clients, we tailor each search according to their specific needs using a range of innovative and established recruitment techniques including search, market mapping, referrals and a unique international database of qualified and experienced professionals.
Our division comprises specialist consultants, all of whom have relevant industry or specialist recruitment experience. They have forged long-standing relationships within an impressive client base, which helps them attract the best professionals in the world.
The Private Equity division regularly recruits for the following types of positions:
  • M&A Advisory
  • Debt Capital Markets (DCM)
  • Equity Capital Markets (ECM)
  • Equity Research and Fixed Income Research
  • Energy, Oil, Gas, TMT, Real Estate, FIG, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Industrials
  • CIO
  • PE Director
  • PE Associate
  • Origination, Fundraising, Placements, Execution, Post Acquisition and Portfolio Management
Typical salaries in the above areas vary from S$60,000 to S$450,000 per annum, depending on the area of expertise and level of seniority.

Contact Morgan McKinley's specialist consultants

At Morgan McKinley, our consultants are experts in their field - they can answer any questions you may have, as well as offer helpful tips about how to find a job in Private Equity.
Contact Morgan McKinley or Register your CV today