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Da Vinci Public Relations TO GROUW YOUR BUSINESS
 About Da Vinci Public Relations

Choosing a public relations consultancy is an important strategic business decision that is likely to have a major impact on your commercial success, possibly for years to come. As with all types of players in all professions, the effort a PR consultancy will make on your behalf, and the value for money it will offer you, tend to vary from one consultancy to another.

Ultimately, you should also bear in mind personal factors: how well you think you'll be able to work with the people who will be running your account. The ideal, and most successful relationship, will be a collaborative partnership where you see your PR consultancy as working with you, rather than for you.

 We at Da Vinci Public Relations believe that we are the best public relations consultancy you can possibly choose if the following apply to you:

You have a limited budget for PR and need to extract every penny of value from it.

You have plans for rapid expansion in your key markets and are eager to put those plans into action.

You are under considerable time pressure and need a powerful, effective PR campaign that achieves results while taking up a minimum of your time and energy.
You do not have the resources to deploy a major in-house public relations resource of your own.
You want to work with a consultancy that is sincere, hands-on and achieves results completely aligned to your business plans and strategy.

You are prepared to accept that public relations is an area on which you may need some guidance if you are to reap the full benefit of what PR can do for you.

The following pages will take you through the kind of consultancy we are and what it’s like to work with us.


About Us
Makovsky + Company at a glance

ABOUT MAKOVSKY + COMPANYFounded in 1979, Makovsky + Company is one of the nation’s leading independent global public relations, investor relations and branding consultancies, specializing in integrated communications programs for the financial, professional services, health, technology and business services sectors.

Our tagline, the Power of Specialized Thinking™ underscores the deep knowledge and relevant relationships we bring to client engagements. Our approach has enabled Makovsky to achieve one of the industry’s highest client retention rates: 80 percent.

Our specialized focus has drawn not only a certain type of client, but a certain type of professional as well: analytical, entrepreneurial and passionate, with a deep understanding of sector-specific business issues.

We develop customized programs for each client by combining elements from our service offerings:


We offer a full range of communications solutions

Global Reach
Makovsky's international capabilities

From the CEO
Helping clients win

Great communication is about more than words. It's about forging connections. It accounts for our nearly 30-year track record of helping our clients win, including both emerging leaders and some of the greatest brand names and blue chip companies in the U.S. and the world. It's the creative concept that underlies our logo: two faces … communicating … connecting. Those faces signify the importance of the connections between the agency and our clients, and our clients and their stakeholders. We've built our business — and helped our clients build theirs — by asking the right questions and really listening to the answers, which makes it possible to find areas of common ground. It's an approach whose ultimate goal is to build fair valuation, reputation and sales for our clients. Our mission is truly our passion. Makovsky + Company has never been an "all-things-to-all-people" agency. We believe in the Power of Specialized Thinking™, so we focus on crafting connections for clients in targeted business sectors led by executives with certain employee sector-specific business experience. Enjoy your visit to If you have any questions or comments, please email me or give me a call at 212.508.9601.
Quality Commitment
Clients evaluate us. We listen.
Credo + Values

16 East 34th Street, New York, NY 10016

T. 212.508.9600
F. 212.751.9710
© 2009 Makovsky + Company

The Creators Project

The Creators Project


HomeWorkPeopleAboutBlogContactWeb Development // Design // Open Source //

Content Management // Video Networks

Creative Solutions for Creative BusinessAshe Avenue began as a spin-off of an award-winning ad agency, led by a team with decades of experience in marketing, PR and advertising. Combining forces with developers, designers and front-end engineers, we’ve built a team optimized for digital success.

We specialize in providing web design and development services to creative businesses, including ad agencies, online video networks and consumer brands. To serve their needs we stay up-to-date on the latest tools and trends in social networking, web and mobile applications, content management systems, video delivery, website analytics and more.

Locations in Brooklyn and Chapel Hill means we can keep one foot planted in the creative world of New York and another firmly rooted in the development culture of the Research Triangle. Multiple personality disorder never sounded so great.

If you want to know more about our capabilities, we encourage you to check out our work. We could say we are a full-service web design and development shop until we are blue in the face, but our project history is much more convincing.

Ashe Avenue Development
Brooklyn, NY
Chapel Hill, NC

Phone: +1 (919) 945-0545


Web Development - Interactive Design - Ashe Avenue Development

Web Development - Interactive Design - Ashe Avenue Development

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SPOTLIGHT SHING ON IVAN J. PARRON, Entertainment Attorney / Dealmaker

Ivan J. Parron, Esq. currently serves as attorney and principal of Parron Law, an entertainment, media and sports law firm based out of Miami Beach, Florida. Mr. Parron works as business and legal counsel to television networks, motion picture studios, producers, writers, directors and actors. His law practice has particular emphasis on representing producers and production companies such as Endemol Latino North America in the international licensing and distribution of format television. The firm also has a particular focus in the unscripted/reality television genre. Mr. Parron is currently an appointed board member and officer of the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law section of the Florida Bar, as well as an appointed board member of both the Miami-Dade County Film and Entertainment Advisory Board and the City of Miami Beach Film & Television Production Industry Council. As a CEO, board member, and an in-house attorney, Mr. Parron has over 15 years of executive and legal experience in the television, digital media, music and entertainment industries.

Entertainment Law 305 (Miami)

Blog by entertainment attorney and entrepreneur Ivan J. Parron, Esq. about entertainment, media and sports law with a Miami twist...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011Kim Kardashian's Face-Off with Old Navy

At first glance it's the kind of thing that probably leaves you wondering where she gets off -- how someone could dare to try to prevent another aspiring female star from even looking like her. But take a second look, in more ways than one, and the $20 million lawsuit that Kim Kardashian is now bringing against Old Navy is a little more complicated than that. In the end, it may very well have merit and, regardless, it says plenty about the state of fame in our current culture and the fierce drive by those who have it to protect it.
If you're not aware of the case, Kardashian is suing Old Navy over a new commercial that she says features someone who looks uncannily like her, a casting decision that she believes was anything but accidental. Kardashian's attorney calls it a violation of his client's intellectual property -- in this case, Kardashian's very image -- and aims to hit Old Navy hard for the infringement. While to the average person the suit may seem frivolous at best, patently ridiculous at worst, believe me, Kim has a case. And one she can win.

There's plenty of precedent for what Kardashian and her lawyer are doing. In fact, it's done all the time, especially since we entered the era of omnipresent and highly lucrative celebrity endorsements, mass-media saturation and the ephemeral "instant-fame" that it can create and destroy in the span of just a few days and at the whim of a fickle public. Now more than ever for a celebrity, you are your brand. Kardashian knows this very well, which is why she's managed her image carefully and sometimes rabidly. Do you consider her one of those people we derisively refer to as "famous for nothing?" What kick-started that fame and eventually catapulted her to her current position in pop culture can be endlessly debated, but make no mistake, she's been very shrewd about managing her brand -- herself. That's why this lawsuit matters and why its outcome will have lasting repercussions legally and culturally, as others like it have.

If you need a quick refresher on just a few of those others, there was Bette Midler's famous suit against Ford back in 1988, in which she took on the company and its ad agency, Young and Rubicam, for using a vocal performer who sounded conspicuously like her to sell cars in one of their commercials. Vanna White, meanwhile, sued Samsung in 1993 for its use of a blonde wig-wearing robot that was supposed to be a game show host from the future, all to sell electronics. White maintained that the creation was clearly intended to reference her and her well-known status as the letter-turner on Wheel of Fortune. She won a partial victory. And these examples stand as merely a few forebears of what's possible now in our extraordinarily litigious and media-inundated culture. Since then, there have been claims against the use of a golf swing that supposedly bore too much of a resemblance to Tiger Woods's signature swing, and of course, Lindsay Lohan's infamous attempt to force the E-Trade baby into submission because it dared, in a commercial, to refer to a baby named Lindsay as a "milkaholic." (Don't ever let it be said that a certain amount of egomanical celebrity paranoia and isn't at play in some of these cases.) And this doesn't even get into the debate that continues to rage over the extension of personality and publicity rights after death. The legal battle to control that singular brand -- your very likeness -- doesn't end at the end of your life anymore.

For Kardashian, what her lawyer needs to prove is what Midler's attorney did all those years ago, namely that the company he's going after specifically sought an imitation of his client with the possible intention of knowingly deceiving the public. Midler turned down Ford when it first came to her about doing the commercial she eventually sued over, and in response the company hired one of her back-up singers to ostensibly sing like her. Obviously, since the girl in the Old Navy ad, Melissa Molinaro, just happens to be Kardashian ex Reggie Bush's new girlfriend, her lawyer has an instant connection to his client to exploit. There's no way Old Navy didn't know who it was getting when it hired Molinaro, and that may make it easier to prove that the company's intention was always to at least indirectly draw a mental link to Kardashian.

In the end, it's left up to the individual viewer to decide whether he or she is confused and believes that the person in the ad really is Kim Kardashian. But a court gets to decide whether the resemblance is close enough to violate the rights of Kardashian and whether that violation is willful and egregious enough to make Old Navy pay up to the tune of millions. Whether you think the suit itself is egregious doesn't much matter. This is the way it is these days and how it's going to stay.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011How Private are Anthony Weiner's Privates?

So, what have we learned this week? Here's a hint: It's something New York Congressman Anthony Weiner learned the hard way (no pun intended).

If you want to keep something private, don't let it get anywhere near the Internet.

At this point, no matter what your politics are, I don't think anyone would argue that what Anthony Weiner did was monumentally stupid. We could debate for years what drives supposedly smart people in positions of power to somehow believe that they'll never get busted engaging in behavior that someone with the IQ of a hush puppy would know is a personal and professional cataclysm waiting to happen. Who knows, maybe if you insulate yourself for too long at the top and breathe only the thinned-out air up there you forget that everyone has to yield to the laws of physics; no one is immune to them. Maybe Weiner convinced himself that as a firebrand politician the camera seemed to love, he could talk his way out of anything. Maybe he just wasn't thinking at all and instead did what millions have done before him -- namely allowed the proverbial little head to do the thinking for the big one. Regardless, he's now in a world of trouble and it could very likely spell the end of his political career.

So what was the one colossal mistake that Anthony Weiner made that started the landslide which eventually came down on top of him (besides taking a picture of his crotch and Twitter-herding co-eds in the first place)? He hit one wrong button; he publicly tweeted something that he meant to direct message. Once he did that, the picture that he had meant to be private went very, very public -- and that was his inevitable undoing. But there's still a question in all of this about who a tweet -- or really any other Internet communication -- belongs to legally. In other words, sure Anthony Weiner is a public figure and sure if he sends something dumb out into the ether, that dumb thing immediately becomes important because he's an elected official; any journalist in America can claim the fair use of it because it's news. But what about the women who are now coming out of the woodwork, sharing their privately tweeted pictures and Facebook messages from Weiner with the world? It's true that Weiner, from a common sense perspective, shouldn't have had an expectation of privacy in sending X-rated communications to women he'd never even met; only a moron or someone seriously and arrogantly deluded would think otherwise. But how about from a legal perspective? Does Weiner have any recourse at all? Does he have any claim to the images of him that are now being splashed all over the blogs and on TV?

Anthony Weiner took the pictures. He posted them via his Twitter account. So does he "own" them?
The answer is threefold: yes, no, and it hardly matters.

Obviously this isn't a "publicity law" case, per se, which is a specialty of mine; it delves far more into personal privacy law in the age of social media. Still, the legal question of who owns the digital transmissions you send, likely dozens of times a day, is a pertinent one no matter from which direction you examine it. While there's been a lot of controversy over this issue, particularly over the question of who owns e-mails or social media transmissions sent from a corporate account, there's just no denying one simple fact: If you create something, you own the copyright to it, and an e-mail, tweet or Facebook message, it can easily be argued, is a creative endeavor. That would mean that, at least in theory, Anthony Weiner holds a copyright on the photos and messages he sent to those women he supposedly had "cyber-affairs" with. Now, if he sent any of these messages from his work computer, the whole discussion is immediately moot simply because he happens to work as United States congressman, which means that all activity on his computer -- social media or otherwise -- is automatically a matter of public record. But if not, then what that means is that, legally at least, he might be able to sue anyone who distributes his personal material under copyright laws. Of course this is also a moot point at this stage because the genie is already well out of the bottle and trying to put it back in via the courts wouldn't just be a futile gesture, it'd probably be a PR nightmare for Weiner. He could, however, if he felt like being suicidally vindictive, attempt to legally take on those who leaked his personal transmissions to the press. He might lose -- but he could try. Celebrities do that sort of thing all the time.

Now, however, comes the next inevitable stage of this sordid saga -- and the next big question.

What can Weiner do if the women he talked dirty to online -- a couple of whom have already started making the rounds on TV -- begin trying to sell the congressman's tweets and pictures, maybe even ones we haven't yet seen, in an effort to make money for themselves? In other words, what if two or three of these co-eds land book deals and decide to take Weiner's pictures to print? Can he take legal action then? The answer is an emphatic yes. It's one thing for a journalist to make a fair use argument; it's another thing entirely for someone to use what's technically copyrighted material to make money for him or herself. That's where the subject of publicity rights comes in. Yes, there's some wiggle room and the case law isn't quite set in stone, but a good attorney -- and you have to imagine Anthony Weiner has a very good attorney -- could easily argue that his client is entitled to retain the rights to his words and image and to prevent anyone from using either for profit, particularly when it's being used in a disparaging light.

Once again, will this happen? Maybe not. But this tale is still unfolding and at this point anything is possible. I mean, who would have thought a U.S. congressman would be dumb enough to think he could get away with this kind of thing in the first place? We're already way down the rabbit hole here.

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Parron Law- Attorneys- Entertainment, Media, Sports (Miami)FB Page



In June of 2009, Steve Karas & Keith Hagan announced the opening of their new company: SKH Music. Karas and Hagan have logged over 20 years each as respected PR executives in the recording industry. The mission statement of SKH is simple – super-serve a reasonable number of clients with a creative forward-thinking strategy. The principals will always be directly involved in designing, and implementing the strategic initiatives of each publicity/marketing campaign, conducting the outreach and delivering. Upon opening, a respected roster immediately took shape with a very diverse list of clients and over the past two years, a respected array of talent from the world of rock, metal, country, blues, and pop have enlisted the companies services.

For eight and a half years, Karas was the Senior Vice-President, Publicity of Wind-up Records. During his tenure, he was the responsible publicist for all of the acts on the label which include Evanescence, Creed, Seether, Finger Eleven, and dozens of others. Additionally, for a number of years, Karas acted as the video commissioner overseeing solicitation and execution of the visuals that introduced both Evanescence and Seether, and multiple projects for Finger Eleven and others. He also is credited as Executive Producer on the long-form releases ANYWHERE BUT HOME (Evanescence) and ONE COLD NIGHT (SEETHER). Both have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Prior to Wind-up, Karas was the Vice-President, Publicity of A&M Records based in New York. His key artists included Barry White, Blues Traveler, Gin Blossoms, Days of the New, Monster Magnet, Bryan Adams, and support on Sting, Sheryl Crow, Soundgarden and many more. He also oversaw the media campaigns for both Polydor and the Chronicles imprints. Some of these projects were retrospective box sets and reissues for the Velvet Underground, Abba, Connie Francis, Joe Cocker, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, and Cream. Karas survived the Universal takeover of Polygram, and spent close to two years at Interscope, prior to his departure from the company.

His first label gig was as the Head of Publicity at IRS Records, where he was the department head for close to a decade. The roster included the Buzzcocks, Concrete Blonde, Black Sabbath, dada, Rory Gallagher, Kirsty Maccoll, Spirit, and others. He also looked after the first releases from the Nettwerk label, and Grand Slam Records, who were distributed by IRS, in addition to the No Speak Series featuring albums from Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Stewart Copeland, and a dozen others. Additionally, Karas served as the Video Promotion rep for the label, working MTV, VH1 and all national and regional broadcasters for airplay. He began his career in 1987 at Susan Blond, Inc. He is a graduate of Wesleyan University and The Gunnery.

Prior to co-founding SKH Music, Hagan serviced as the Vice President/General Manager at PFA Media, where he helped open the company when it first opened in 2002. At PFA, Hagan was responsible for all day-to-day operations involving client and staff management. His vast experience in the music industry offered the company a wealth of knowledge, credibility and management skills that enabled him to work with a wide range of artists including: Paul McCartney, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Paul Weller, Shinedown, Stereophonics, Papa Roach, 3 Doors Down, and Joseph Arthur among numerous others.

Hagan’s experience in all aspects of the music business led to him launching The Austin City Limits Music Festival to the national media in 2002 and 2003 as well as bringing The CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival to new levels of success in 2008 & 2009.

In 2007 Hagan was responsible for bringing both Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan back to Sub Pop for the label’s 20th Anniversary with their brand new project The Gutter Twins. The band’s debut album Saturnalia was released to critical acclaim worldwide in 2008.

Prior to joining PFA, Hagan served for nearly eight years as the VP Publicity for Mammoth Records (A division of the Walt Disney Company). During his tenure at Mammoth, Hagan oversaw the publicity department and was responsible for creating and implementing the press campaigns for the entire roster including: Squirrel Nut Zippers, Seven Mary Three, Juliana Hatfield, Joe Henry, Victoria Williams, Jason & The Scorchers and many others.

Before his long tenure at Mammoth Records, Hagan served as the “alternative” publicist at Arista Records for two years. During that time he spearheaded the campaign for Sarah McLachlan’s break-through album Fumbling Towards Ecstasy as well as working with Spiritualized and The Church.

Hagan’s skills and background have enabled him to service music-oriented clientele no matter the genre as is apparent from his varied roster through out the years. A native of New York City, Hagan began his career by interning for the CBS Records College Department, followed by internships at I.R.S. Records, Chrysalis Records and EMI Records.  
Steve Karas -

Keith Hagan -
skhmusic New York & Santa Monica

+@skhmusic New York & Santa Monica

Twitter home of SKH Music - www.skhmusic.com

SKH Music

SKH Music


Our acting classes in NYC incorporate BOTH acting and cold reading. We act from scenes that are currently being cast. Because you can't book a job without knowing how to do this!

With our technique you will learn

How to Act and Book the Job

You can't book work if you :
a. can't act well
b. don't know how to cold read.
c. are not exposed to casting directors and agents (we invite Agents and Casting Directors to our showcases)
This is what we do. We want you to work.

Two to three days a week we have agent and casting director nights- that are optional and only $30.

We differ from many other classes in New York as we base our technique on how to get cast. Many other teaching methods are old school and don't apply to modern day acting jobs and casting situations.

With many years studying in conservatories, spending thousands of dollars and learning various methods, we found that most of the methods didn't apply to actually auditioning. In other words, acting against a casting director is a whole different beast than doing a scene with an actor in class who is actually giving you something to work with..

After years working in Hollywood we came up with a cold reading technique for auditioning that works.

Additionally, all are invited to cold read for an Agent and Casting Director several times a month. Very few schools offer this! But we are serious and want our actors to work in the business....and to do so as soon as possible.

Kerry Donelli



& Showcases





Upcoming ONE-0N-ONE Showcases

Cost is only $30/ showcase!

SAT SEPT 17th (4-6pm)

Erin Castellanos of Paradigm Agency

(sorry she called out sick last Sat)

Jacqueline Donelli
646-410-1188 (c

PARADIGM IS A TOP TIER AGENCY IN BOTH LA AND NYC! Erin is a Legit Agent in the Talent Department of one of the biggest players in the industry. She works closely with casting directors at NBC, Barden/Schnee Casting, Laura Rosenthal, and Jonathan Strauss (L&O,SVU), among others.

address: 312 w. 36th btn 8th av & 9th ave- 6th fl
All are invited - you DO NOT have to be one one our students!!/pages/Donelli-Acting-Class/139187512774411?ref=ts

PLEASE CALL TO BOOK CLASS! 646-410-1151/1188Website Designed by Jacqui Donelli © 2009 at Homestead™



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RESILIENT ENTERTAINMENT: Resilient Entertainment's Must check Out List

RESILIENT ENTERTAINMENT: Resilient Entertainment's Must check Out List: Thanks for stopping by. from time to time we like to let you take a glance at some of resilient's showcase. Feel free to engage, and connec...



    Disclaimer- Resilient Entertainment does not claim to be the authority ...


RESILIENT ENTERTAINMENT: REALITY TV SHOW CONCEPT 11(THE BAND) BY BENNY QUET...:   11  Diversity A group of 11 individuals from divers backgrounds decided to form a band with hopes of changing the conditio...



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RESILIENT ENTERTAINMENT: SPOTLIGHT SHINING ON PITCHBOOK: PitchBook is an independent and impartial research firm dedicated to providing premium data, news and analysis to the private equity ind...


Banana Republic: GET MAD from Show Media on Vimeo.


About Show Media Live Video -Final from Show Media on Vimeo.

Our Services
Show Media is a leading provider of custom integrated solutions to Fortune 500 companies. With media properties ranging from traditional out-of-home advertising, including taxi tops and billboards, to place-based networks designed to target specific audiences, Show Media provides its brand partners with unique transportation-based campaigns that generate maximum exposure and help foster an emotional connection between the brand and the target consumer. Show Media has been included on the prestigious Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America list for two years in a row, with a 3-year growth rate of 1296%. Their client roster includes: Microsoft Bing, AT&T, Ray-Ban, HTC, Lionsgate Films and countless other Fortune 100 companies. Press Contact - Rachel Testa

Show Media New York

383 5th Ave.2nd Fl.
New York, New York 10016
Tel. +1 212.883.8783
Fax. +1 212.883.0959

Show Media Los Angeles
2121 Rosecrans Ave., #2320
El Segundo, CA 90245
Tel. +1 310.295.2190
Fax. +1 212.883.2195

SPOTLIGHT SHINING ON PMD Promotion(Dean Stallone @pmdpromo

PMD Promotion specializes in:
Windowposter™ Displays; street-visible advertising panels.
Postcard, Brochure & Booklet Displays.

Aerplay™ In-Store Play Service.

How we get your message seen & heard nationwide: our exclusive network of 35,000 independently owned cafés, shops and storefronts throughout the United States. In business for more than 18 years, PMD has set a new standard for in-store advertising in the entertainment industry, and has recently branched out into consumer products and services.

With custom designed and programmed tracking and routing software, personalized customer service and unparalleled reporting, PMD Windowposter Displays™ are a high-visibility, low-cost advertising alternative to big, expensive Outdoor/OOH mediums such as bus shelters and transit ads.

PMD Postcard, Brochure and Booklet Displays are seen on the front counters of thousands of storefronts daily.

Aerplay™ In-Store Play Service is heard throughout the country in high traffic restaurants, salons and boutiques, turning a venue’s sound system into a highly effective advertising vehicle.

Windowposter™ Displays are placed in windows & street-visible areas, inside independently owned cafés, restaurants, boutiques & all kinds of storefronts. PMD can target by neighborhood, so your message is seen in specific, tightly focused areas, or we can blanket entire cities so your message is seen everywhere.

Your displays are never grouped together 10 or 20 per location, diluting your coverage. Each Windowposter is featured individually in separate PMD display venues, spreading the word wider & more visibly.

PMD Promotion - Windowposter Advertising Display Seen Nationwide

PMD Promotion - Windowposter Advertising Display Seen Nationwide

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@Resilient_Ent @BennyQuetell @ResilientMediaEntertainmentREALITY TV SHOW CONCEPT 11(THE BAND) BY BENNY QUETELL



A group of 11 individuals from divers backgrounds decided to form a band with hopes of changing the conditions in thier lives.

 In addition to thier lives they where somehow thinking this project can translate globally, and help many people

In the theatre of life as you know we are faced with a lot of obstacles at times naturally tragety being the worst one.

Good News
This group of people decided to form a band that would produce a cd of inspiration in hopes of spreading hope to the world. The cd would have various genres musically, but the lyrical content would be inspirational.

To the likes of the movie crash 11 compelling stories are strategically intertwined together. Real stories of stuggle. ie: one band member recently lost his dad to the desease diabetes. This was a hard hit to him, and the family. As you know the adverse affects of losing a loved one can cause on a family in partiular if this loved one played a major role in keeping the family together financially. The band has chosen 11 charity's that they will support via 11 events. A significant portion of the profits will be equally divided, and distributed to those charity's.

The band will tour 11 cities to promote thier cd, and bring awareness to thier chosen charitable efforts.
In addition to helping themselves along the way as well as have additional capital to donate the band will be selling 11 items ranging from thier cd to t-shirts, and basebal caps.
Through music the band will touch the hearts of many through 11 songs of inspiration.
To the likes of many production companies like Participant Media the band has missives that are real inspiring, and will actually help people via awareness/solutions/genuine concern, and care, and suprising support of well known artist to help share the stage of the multiple causes for good.

  Besides having a cd filled with 11 hit songs that touch on numerous genres this band has 11 unique stories to tell. You will be intrigued at how they all met, and collectively decided to turn bad situations into positve success. The road was hard traveled, but the world is slowly taking them into thier hearts.
 The hurt the pain, and the rain took these young people to a place where they where able to touch the world.

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SPOTLIGHT SHINING ON @SeanDubravac& Royalty Rope, Inc.

Royalty Rope, Inc. is a Hollywood-based company established in 2008 that specializes in Management and Production. Company founders are Matt Ilczuk and Sean Dubravac.

Movie Production:
T A L E N T   M A N A G E M E N T

We work with young up-and-coming actors and musicians and help them start and bulid their film/music careers. Click here or on our IMDb page to see our talent list.

approved by the TMA

M O V I E   P R O D U C T I O N

We assist other high-end indie production teams in their filmmaking process. Our main movie production activities encompass:

- finding financing

- finding new projects for development

Sean Dubravac
Royalty Rope, Inc.
1555 Vine St., 90028, Hollywood, CA


 Company Information

Headquartered in New York City, cho HighWater Group is a boutique public relations agency founded in 1999 to service the rapidly growing interactive entertainment industry. Fueled by a strong portfolio of clients and a management team with decades of combined experience, the agency has successfully expanded into all aspects of consumer entertainment including video games, electronics, sports, television, toys and DVDs.

From Fortune 500 global conglomerates to small start-ups, HighWater Group has a proven ability to consistently create and execute successful PR campaigns that accommodate budgets of all sizes. We enjoy a well deserved reputation for excellence in achieving high-profile results while delivering superior client service. This "client-first" approach ensures the quick and seamless integration of a world-class PR team into your existing infrastructure, and programs that get your message out where it needs to be heard.

Our Values

Coming from the client-side themselves, our founders were fed-up with glitzy agency presentations that ended in stale campaigns and ongoing excuses. So HighWater Group was formed with the simple notion that winning new business was not the goal, but rather keeping it long-term. Our clients know they can trust us to provide unvarnished honesty void of the usual 'spin'. We spend every ounce of energy towards reaching your goals, whether that means expanding the scope of our outreach or ceasing activities that aren't producing the necessary results. These values have allowed us to establish client relationships that last for years in a business where they are usually measured in months.


Today's media and consumer landscape is constantly shifting and extremely overloaded. Driving innovation against such a back-drop requires a new approach, one able to reach everyone from the blogger to the bureau chief. Integration

We understand that PR shouldn't operate in a silo and that an agency needs to function as an integral member of its client's team. Our processes are customized to seamlessly fit with yours so that we're in sync with you every step of the way. Methodology


 PR campaigns are only as effective as how they are implemented. We drill down to identify your key constituencies and get your message out when and where in needs to be heard. Transparency

Trust and reliability are the foundations of all great relationships. Through concise reporting and proactive communication, our clients always know what we're doing, when we're doing it, and how their dollars are being spent.

Client Testimonials

Evan Stein, Vice President of Marketing, iHome

"HighWater Group's strategy and methodology for launching our brand were dead-on, and a major factor in establishing iHome as the premier iPod accessories manufacturer."

About Us
Case Studies

Big Questions

1120 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Phone: (212) 338-0077
Fax: (888) 877-8171
General Inquiries:
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