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Monday, September 12, 2011

@Resilient_Ent @BennyQuetell @ResilientMediaEntertainmentREALITY TV SHOW CONCEPT 11(THE BAND) BY BENNY QUETELL



A group of 11 individuals from divers backgrounds decided to form a band with hopes of changing the conditions in thier lives.

 In addition to thier lives they where somehow thinking this project can translate globally, and help many people

In the theatre of life as you know we are faced with a lot of obstacles at times naturally tragety being the worst one.

Good News
This group of people decided to form a band that would produce a cd of inspiration in hopes of spreading hope to the world. The cd would have various genres musically, but the lyrical content would be inspirational.

To the likes of the movie crash 11 compelling stories are strategically intertwined together. Real stories of stuggle. ie: one band member recently lost his dad to the desease diabetes. This was a hard hit to him, and the family. As you know the adverse affects of losing a loved one can cause on a family in partiular if this loved one played a major role in keeping the family together financially. The band has chosen 11 charity's that they will support via 11 events. A significant portion of the profits will be equally divided, and distributed to those charity's.

The band will tour 11 cities to promote thier cd, and bring awareness to thier chosen charitable efforts.
In addition to helping themselves along the way as well as have additional capital to donate the band will be selling 11 items ranging from thier cd to t-shirts, and basebal caps.
Through music the band will touch the hearts of many through 11 songs of inspiration.
To the likes of many production companies like Participant Media the band has missives that are real inspiring, and will actually help people via awareness/solutions/genuine concern, and care, and suprising support of well known artist to help share the stage of the multiple causes for good.

  Besides having a cd filled with 11 hit songs that touch on numerous genres this band has 11 unique stories to tell. You will be intrigued at how they all met, and collectively decided to turn bad situations into positve success. The road was hard traveled, but the world is slowly taking them into thier hearts.
 The hurt the pain, and the rain took these young people to a place where they where able to touch the world.