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Thursday, December 1, 2011


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Venture Capital and Private Equity from the Middle East
Middle East Investors Directory - Instant Download & Full Excel Files

Who is the Portfolio Manager at Abu Dhabi Investment Authority? What is the email address of Investments Director at Kuwait Investment Authority?

Unlike US, UK and other established financial centers, details of investors in the Middle East are not usually readily available. Because of the lack of mature financial data providers covering the Middle East, finding reliable data on investors in the Middle East (middle east private equity firms, middle east private equity funds, real estate investors in middle east, private investors, etc.) is quite time consuming.

As the leading provider of private investors data and analysis since 2007, hundreds of customers have been using DubaiBeat Directory of Venture Capital and Private Equity in the Middle East achieving great results.

Whether you are a business owner looking for private investors, a private equity firm looking for LP, a real estate firm firm looking for investors, or a conference organizer looking for top delegates, this directory can help you achieve your goal.
Directory Contents

The Middle East Investors Directory in 110 pages contains details of 406 investment firms including the firm names, countries, cities, web addresses, telephones, faxes and physical addresses of the investment firms. Details of 836 Contacts from those investment firms including names, email addresses and their positions are also listed.

It also includes the raw Excel files of all 406 firms and 836 contacts. (At the moment the raw Excel files are free when you order the directory. So hurry, order and download now!)

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