Saturday, March 9, 2013

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Private equity firm marketing is an art form. The largest private equity firms in Africa attained their status by making the right financial bets, but their marketing capabilities were also instrumental in increasing deal flow and attracting new capital. Spindle Communications specialises in private equity marketing and venture capital PR. With a strong focus on the private equity industry we offer clients communications counsel developed from more than 20 years of financial and investment communication. We leverage our special industry knowledge and understanding of this unique industry to deliver a public relations program that supports your transactions, enhances your firm's reputation and can assist in the event of a crisis. A well-thought communications program can help differentiate your firm to critical audiences that include the financial community, Limited Partners and the media. Since your reputation is directly linked to the performance of your portfolio companies, we also work with company management teams to enhance the profile of your investments. This is particularly important when a company has undergone change or is entering new markets. Corporate reputation has a significant bearing on company valuation. Public relations can also overcome problems of poor reputation. Spindle Communications works with private equity firms to optimize value from the investee companies. A sound reputation of the investee company helps enhance strategic options for private equity firms and maximize value at milestones. The public relations program that we provide also assists in managing events like restructurings, M&As, or attracting independent board members. We offer crisis management services that help companies who are often unprepared and lack the expertise to deal with the challenges of an unexpected crisis. Lastly, our investor relations expertise allow for an IPO communication program in preparing an investee company to go public. Public relations Investor relations Media relations Social media Search engine optimisation Event management #PRIVATEEQUITY #VENTURECAPITAL, #HEDGEFUNDS, #INVESTMENTBANKING & a few fun things as well. Check US OUT: #PrivateEquity, #HedgeFunds, #VentureCapital, #InvestmentBanking, #AlernativeAssets, #CapitalMarkets, #MergersAndAcquisitions, #WallStreet, #IPO #ResilientMediaEntertainment, #IPO, @Resilient_Ent, #Film, #Music, #VideoGaming, #Media, #Fashion, #TV, #Technology #JointVentures #FaceBook #Magazines #PublicRelations #Radio #WealthManagementtags: +PrivateEquity, +HedgeFunds, +VentureCapital, +InvestmentBanking, +AlernativeAssets, +CapitalMarkets, +MergersAndAcquisitions, +WallStreet, +IPO +ResilientMediaEntertainment, +IPO, +@Resilient_Ent, +Film, +Music, +VideoGaming, +Media, +Fashion, +TV, +Technology +JointVentures +FaceBook, +Magazines +PublicRelations,+Radio, +WealthManagement